make: Entering directory '/opt/jenkins/workspace/riot_tests/tests/shell'

/opt/RIOT/dist/tools/pyterm/pyterm -p "/dev/hil/dut" -b "115200" --no-reconnect --noprefix --no-repeat-command-on-empty-line 
Twisted not available, please install it if you want to use pyterm's JSON capabilities
Connect to serial port /dev/hil/dut
Welcome to pyterm!
Type '/exit' to exit.

> bufsize
>  bufsize
test case "check_line_exceeded" blacklisted, SKIP
skipping check_line_canceling()

>  shell exited

> start_test
>  start_test

> echo a string
 echo a string
> echo   multiple   spaces   between   argv
 echo   multiple   spaces   between   av
> Timeout in expect script at "child.expect_exact(line)" (../jenkins/workspace/riot_tests/tests/shell/tests/

make: Leaving directory '/opt/jenkins/workspace/riot_tests/tests/shell'